Domain Flipper at Realistic Prices

A1 Flip is a domain reseller, also known as a domain flipper, which means we register domains and then flip them from our account to yours. All our domains are registered at Namecheap and listed in their Marketplace.

We create a website for each domain, so it is generating traffic for you already. There will be a link on that website to the Marketplace listing. To buy the domain, you simply need to create a free Namecheap account and add the domain to your cart.

We specialize in .com domains, as they are the most sought after domain extensions and are suitable for any country. We sell at realistic prices, with most domains priced at $129. Only premium domains are sold at a higher price.

Our pricing structure is designed to be affordable, so they sell quickly. We include the appraised value, so you can see whether you think you are getting a bargain:


This is how GoDaddy’s appraisal function values this site’s domain name. Even though it is estimated to be worth around $1,000 we would still sell it for $129. A domain would have to be worth over $5,000 before we would charge a higher price.

When you take into account the time it takes us to find a domain we think people would want, make a website for it, and lose 10% in fees from Namecheap Marketplace, we think our price is worth it to both you and us.

Risk Free Transactions

Domain flipping can be a risky business for both the buyer and the seller. Unfortunately, there are a few dishonest people out there who want to rort the system. Sellers can lose control of their domain because the buyer reversed a payment for instance. Buyers can lose their money because the seller didn’t actually transfer the domain.

With the Namecheap Marketplace, the transaction is handled by them, not us. The first person to add the domain to their cart, gets it. There is no auctioning involved, all domains must be listed as a fixed price. Once you buy the domain, we can’t reverse the transaction.

No Escrow Involved

Domain flipping is often done through a third-party Escrow service such as which holds the funds until the transaction is completed. It sounds like a good idea, but many sellers and buyers have had transactions go bad using such services. They are not foolproof, are expensive and can tie up transactions for weeks or even months.

No Registration Required

There is no need to register for this site to purchase our domains, as everything is handled by Namecheap. You can view our current domains under the “For Sale” menu tab and visit the website we set up for it. The link to the Namecheap listing will also be on that site.

Having said that, you can always use the Contact form if you have any questions. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and be notified when a new domain is registered before we list it for sale. You may decide to purchase it directly from us to get first chance. Check your spam box as well for the confirmation email.